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Fear Factory Cancel Shockwave 2012 Tour TWO DAYS BEFORE IT KICKS OFF



Fear Factory announced yesterday that the 2012 Shockwave Festival, which saw support from such acts as Voivod, Cattle Decapitation, Misery Index, Revocation, and more, was fully and entirely cancelled. The reason? A combination of poor advance ticket sales and the fact that Voivod dropped off the tour was enough for promoters to pull the plug on the entire festival a mere two days before the start.

Fear Factory commented, “We are truly disappointed not to be part of the Shockwave tour. We send our sincerest apologies to all our North American fans planning to come out this Summer, but we will be back. Please look for Fear Factory headline dates in August.

The website for the Shockwave Festival shows only a single page with an explanation, apology, and refund information.

Below are some thoughts on why this tour didn’t make it.

Honestly, did the promoters expect this to sell well? Summer is a time for big outdoor concerts, not indoor festivals in small, cramped venues. This tour would’ve probably been much more successful had it set dates during late fall or early winter.

And as for Voivod leaving being the straw that broke the camel’s back, what does that say about the drawing power of Fear Factory? It’s actually quite simple: For a band that has had some great albums, they’ve also had some really terrible ones. As a result, it’s a gamble when you see them that they’ll perform only their good tracks.

Needless to say, I feel terrible for all the bands as I’m 100% sure that many of them spent a great deal of time and money preparing for this. For example, I know that Cattle Decapitation purchased a ton of merch that is now almost sure to be seen as wasted. Who’s going to want to buy tour shirts for a tour that never happened? And this is probably every band on the tour. These bands need every penny they have so as to prepare for every tour they are on. Any wasted money screws them over royally, making it that much harder for them to hit the road again.

Hopefully each band recovers from this setback and are able to hop onto another tour.

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