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[Random Cool] The Artwork Of Jeff Lemire



Jeff Lemire is one of the hottest young talents at DC Comics right now, with his incredible work on titles such as “Animal Man”, “Justice League Dark”, and “Frankenstein”. Although he’s a forerunner in the superhero genre, he’s received much praise for his more dramatic works such as “Essex County”, “The Nobody”, and his Vertigo ongoing series, “Sweet Tooth”. Lemire is known for his deeply character driven stories, and his instantly recognizable, uniquely sketchy art style. Lemire is a busy man over at DC Comics, but he somehow finds the time to frequent comic cons, and as a result he’s up built a portfolio of incredible charter sketches. We’ve put together a small collection of Lemire’s illustrations, showcasing horror comic book icons.

For more information on Jeff Lemire, you can check out his blog or his twitter.


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