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Twisted Music Video Of The Week Vol. 40: Lorn “Ghosst(s)”

Are we really already at 40 weeks of twisted music videos? My my, how the time flies. And it seems like there is no shortage of creepy, demented, violent, brutal, terrifying videos to bring you! And that’s why this week I’m excited to show you Lorn‘s “Ghosst(s)”, which is an animated video that, once it gets going, I dare you to look away from it. It is easily one of the most fascinating animated videos I’ve ever seen and is chock full of horrific images that will not easily leave your mind.

The track comes from Lorn’s Ninja Tunes debut album Ask the Dust (order here), which the artist describes as “haunted, oily, smeared.” After watching the video and hearing the music, I can get where he is coming from! Check out the video below and make sure to leave a comment with your suggestion for the next edition of Twisted Music Video Of The Week!

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  • Enigma76
    you have had GWAR on your website a lot. This is an old but but good video. I have been a fan of Gwar since 1993. This video and the song fits right in with the Twisted Video of the week. Its on Youtube so its seen by many but its good to get this video out to all that visit the great website. Love this website and thank you for all the information you give me on all things i love.

  • Enigma76

    ment ot say “to get this video out to all that visit THIS* great website

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