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Hi-Res ‘Elysium’ Image Displays The Most Badass Matt Damon Yet

Already teased in a magazine scan last week, we’ve now landed a hi-res look at Sony Pictures’ top secret sci-fi epic Elysium, which blasts into theaters March 1, 2013. The first image shows just how insanely badass Matt Damon can be (believe it!).

Sharlto Copley, Jodie Foster, Wagner Moura, William Fichtner, Alice Braga and Diego Luna also star.

Elysium is Neill Blomkamp’s long-awaited story set in the far future on another planet and, like District 9, is said to be filled with many sociopolitical ideas wrapped up inside a Hollywood action film.

In addition, previous rumors have begun circulating that the plot will actually follow a battle between an alien and human race for the right to colonize another planet. There are some very relevant political themes hidden within there…



  • N3kr0

    When you think Matt was a badass as Jason Bourne… nothink like complete haircut and a huge frikin gun. WHEN THE TRAILER?

  • djblack1313

    Damon is supremely badass as Bourne. no question about it! done. but this movie looks like it’s going to be awesome too!

  • flesheater24

    Looks like a crazier bruce willis 🙂

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