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Another New Shot From Del Toro’s ‘Pacific Rim’

A few weeks back we had a pic Charlie Hunnam and Rinko Kikuchi suiting up for action in Guillermo del Toro’s epic sci-fi adventure Pacific Rim, and now we have another from probably 5 seconds later in the film. It’s thoughtful of them to be releasing these stills in sequence! I can almost construct the scene in my head (not really)!

Del Toro recently stated that the battles in the film will take place everywhere, “We take the battles far and above! Two or three of them happen in places where there have never been a battle between kaiju and robots. From the bottom of the ocean to the atmosphere of the Earth. We have a battle in a storm at sea. Every battle we try to do differently. One is seen from the point of view of a single person. We never cut away from that point of view.” This photo, like last week’s, doesn’t really give much of an indicator as to which kind of theses battles they’re headed in to.

Pacific Rim opens on July 12, 2013. There will be plenty more coverage from Comic-Con this week! USA Today got their hands on the still which you can see inside.



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