[San Diego Comic-Con '12] Reaction To 'Dredd'? Surprisingly Gory! - Bloody Disgusting
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[San Diego Comic-Con ’12] Reaction To ‘Dredd’? Surprisingly Gory!



Lionsgate’s reboot Dredd premiered at the San Diego Comic-Con last night. It stars Karl Urban (Star Trek, The Bourne Supremacy), and was directed by Pete Travis (Endgame) and written by Alex Garland (28 Days Later, Sunshine). For those of you unfamiliar with Judge Dredd, it follows a team of futuristic police officers who act as judge, jury, and executioner, taking down crime in the meanest way possible.

While many people thought the the trailer looked a bit like The Raid, well apparently they were right. The protags have to battle their way out of a giant building. But it’s not like Dredd ripped that movie off – it started production 2 years ago.

More to the point – apparently this thing is insanely hardcore and gory. Head inside for some online reactions. Dredd hits theaters on September, 21st.

DREDD is a lot of fun. A return to 80s action, The Raid meets Robocop on a mini scale. great use of high fps slow mo 3d. Gritty & violent“. @Slashfilm

DREDD was a super hard R and a lot better than I thought it would be. Again….super hard R. 3D was also great.@ColliderFrosty

“‪#Dredd3D‬ from ‪#SDCC‬. It’s dirty. It’s seething. It’s bloody as hell.@MisterPatches.

And from Eric Vespe’s review, “Now this is how you handle a reboot. Stallone’s Judge Dredd sucked and I’m not just speaking from vague memories (I recently stumbled upon it on TV and looked on in horror) or from the crybaby uber-fan perfectionist angle (I’ve never read one 2000 AD cover to cover, much to my geek shame). The filmmakers and studio looked at a crap film with great potential and started from scratch, deciding to get right what Stallone’s film got wrong.


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