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[San Diego Comic-Con ’12] Video: Showtime Shares Opening Scene From “Dexter” Season 7 – Panel Highlights!!

Showtime took to Ballroom 20 this Thursday night to share the following 2-minute clip from the opening scene of the seventh season of “Dexter.” What happens when Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) walks in and catches her brother’s “Dark Passenger”? We’ll have a full report from the panel forthcoming. Watch this spot.

For those yet to be aquatinted with the show, it follows likeable Miami police forensics expert named Dexter (Michael C. Hal) moonlights as a serial killer of criminals who he believes have escaped justice.

We’ve recapped the entire panel inside to fill you in on all of this new season’s bloody hi-jinxes!

After a recap of season 6 and the above opening sequence from the season 7 premiere, the panel kickstarted with stars Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter, guest star Yvonne Strahovski, showrunner Scott Buck, and producer Wendy West.

All they would tell us about Yvonne’s character, Hannah McKay, is that she’s a woman of mystery with a dark past who helps Dexter with an investigation into an old murder.

What about Deb? Does she finally “know” what’s up now? Jennifer Carpenter said no, she’s taking it one step at a time – one forward, ten back.

What about Dexter becoming more human? Hall said he is learning the darker side of human nature – manipulative, paranoid, self-centered. That was followed by a funny moment when Hall was asked by a fan how he’s like Dexter – he turned to Jennifer Carpenter and asked, “You want to answer that?”

If the theme of Season 6 was spirituality, what about Season 7? Buck said it’s the simplest of all – What are the consequences of love?

Hall was asked if he can explain the appeal of the character to so many people. He said it appeals to people in a lot of different ways, but mostly he thinks it’s that we all have a shadow side we have to hide and manage.

What about Harry (James Remar, who unfortunately wasn’t there)? We’ll see Harry as usual in Season 7 and also in flashbacks to when Dex and Deb were young.

How will Deb evolve this season? Carpenter said she feels lost with no compass. The tables have turned – Dexter is moving with certainty now, and she’s trapped in her own fucking head.

And Dex’s relationship with Harrison? As Harrison becomes more perceptive, the situation becomes dicier. Dexter has to face what he’s trying to pull off as a parent.

Finally, what was Dexter’s most satisfying kill? As expected, Hall said the biggest prize was Trinity. But they’re like his children – he loves them all!

The new season begin September 30th on Showtime.



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