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“Community” Star Gillian Jacobs Releases Ken Marino’s Inner Demon ‘Milo’

Back on June 19 we revealed exclusively that Black Rock editor Jacob Vaughan is getting behind the camera for the genre comedy Milo, a new horror thriller that will star Ken Marino (pictured below; Wanderlust, Role Models), Judy Greer (Carrie) and Peter Stormare (Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, Mall).

THR adds today that Gillian Jacobs (pictured top), one of the stars of NBC’s “Community” and The Box, has also joined the growing cast. Jacobs will play Marino’s wife, and one of the stresses in his life.

Penned by Vaughan & Benjamin Hayes, the plot is incredibly interesting as it’s said to follow Duncan (played by Marino), an incredibly stressed man who is plagued with vicious stomach troubles. We’re told that Duncan actually has a demon living inside his intestines, a demon who wreaks havoc internally until Duncan, during a therapy session, gives it permission to come out. Highsmith (played by Stormare), Duncan’s shrink, explains that the demon is the personification of his anxiety. He’s advised to embrace his inner demon and thus names it Milo…

Shooting begins this July in Los Angeles.



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