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‘The Ecstasy of Isabel Mann’ Promises “Vampires. Daylight. No Sparkles.”

Writer and director Jason Figgis has just teased us with a tasty first look at his latest production, The Ecstasy of Isabel Mann, a new vampire flick from October Eleven Pictures Ltd. The pic promises the goods with the tagling: “Vampires. Daylight. No Sparkles.” Indeed.

It’s the story of a teenage girl who is seduced into an incredibly violent sect of day-walking vampires,” said Figgis.

Her class mates start to go missing and two detectives believe that she is the prime suspect. Nothing is quite as it seems for those about her as the disturbed teenager runs amok, killing at will in the woodlands by her home; aided by her vampire guides who are training her in the art of the kill – with horrifically bloody results for those closest to her.

You can get the full image below. Watch this spot for updates as they come available.



  • EvilHead1981

    Sounds interesting(like the vampire hunting aspect), but I’m kinda sick of daywalking vampires. I know, in most vampire lore, vampires DO walk in the daylight, but there’s something about modern “creatures of the night” mystique that makes them so much more cooler and scarier. Night, darkness, it’s the time for HORROR. IMO, it just feels more right.

    Aside from that, I have a hunch that the MORE modern attempts at making daywalking vampires was to show how much more “badass” they are than vampmires that die with sunlight. “Oooo, your vampires die with sunlight! What pussies! Dracula movies, Lost Boys, Salem’s Lot, all those vampires are shit compared to our MODERN, ass-kickin sunlight walkin’ vampires!!!”.

  • woodchuck

    I’m down with any gory vampire flicks. We need more badass vampire movies to show younger generations that vampires weren’t always moody, emo pussies. 30 Days of Night is a perfect example of how vampires should be portrayed, even though they were obviously not day walkers. Anyone who has read the Dracula stories knows that vampires really were never killed by daylight, they just preferred night time like most predators do.

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