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[San Diego Comic-Con ’12] Eric Powell Tries To Get ‘The Goon’ On The Big Screen

“Goon” creator, Eric Powell, has been trying to get an animated movie adaptation of his comic going for quite some time. The book follows the outrageous exploits of an undead killing powerhouse who was raised by the strong-woman at a carnival. Although it looked like things were running along for the film, albiet slowly, it just doesn’t seem to be making progress. Powell announced at CCI that he will be trying his luck with Kickstarter. See a video of the test footage below.

the test footage below was done over a year ago, so you can tell how slowly things have been moving.

Powell tweeted the following yestdeay, “Ok, everybody that’s been yelling at me for us to do a Kickstarter for the Goon film,” along with the photo below.



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