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[OMFG] SEE THE NEW ‘GODZILLA’ NOW (We Also Have Video Of The Comic-Con Panel)

godzilla banner

While I sit in shock that not a single person was able to record the Legendary/Warner Bros. Godzilla teaser trailer out of the massive Hall H San Diego Comic-Con panel, a fan allegedly did manage to sneak out a single frame displaying the big green machine!

Dig on a larger version inside and then tell us what you think! Also added is video of the panel with director Gareth Edwards.

Making his first appearance in 1954 (Gojira) Godzilla is a giant monster that lives in the sea that comes from the ocean to feed on mankind.

Here’s a description of the footage shown: “A city decimated. Completely destroyed. The camera pans by the wreckage of a train and the distant voice of J. Robert Oppenheimer (father of the atomic bomb) is heard reading from the Bhagavad Gita – “Now, I am become death”. Dust everywhere. Cars crushed. Holes in sky scrapers.

We then see a giant centipede like creature with many arms and legs smoldering. (You know what that means? Monster battles!) The city appears dead as a door nail. Then blackness. THE ROAR. As in THE roar. Huge Bass drop. Raymond Burr finishes his famous speech. Dust…then an arm… a hand… with claws. Pan up… holy shit… the fins. The head. Godzilla. As we know him. The real f-cking Godzilla. He roars again.

Fade to GODZILLA! With Red Japanese title behind it!



  • Bricks.

    You may want to edit your description. Everything posted online says it’s Robert Oppenheimer’s “Now I am become death” speech that is used as the voice over on the teaser. Only trying to assist.
    – Bricks.

  • Taboo

    No offense, but the [OMFG] seems so obnoxious and I can’t help but cringe whenever I see it lol

    • IceNiner

      I’m in hearty agreement there. Use of some decent vocabulary is always worth more than some tired text speak.

      • xombi22

        STFU. Thanks:)

  • flesheater24

    goddamn it i want my bootleg trailer already GRRRRRRR. FUck why is it coming out 2014 GRRRRR>

    • Taboo


      • flesheater24

        Ya thats when they said it’s coming out it’s a rumor but IDK. I just want to see the damn teaser :((

  • Dutche

    How do we have a pic from the trailer and no footage of the actual trailer ? what the hell it the point of having a videp camera on every cellphne but never get a comicon trailer as quick as possible

  • That_One_Guy

    I really wish I could see the trailer but that picture looks fantastic. It’s clear that we are getting the classic Godzilla look.

  • Marty McFly

    How is this an OMFG moment? We can’t even make out anything from that picture. Next time you have an “OMFG” in the title, make sure you have something substantial.

    • flesheater24


  • VictorCrowley

    Image is very reminiscent of the 1998 atrocity-version ‘Godzilla’. At least, that’s what it made me think of when I first saw it.

    Would love to see this trailer I keep hearing about.

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