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Review: ‘Alabaster: Wolves’ #4

Dancy Flammarion’s demonic travels continue in the fourth installment of Caitlìn R. Kiernan’s “Alabaster: Wolves”. This time, Dancy’s memories take a backseat to her spectral pal’s final tale – one that reveals the secrets of the town, and sets Dancy, Maisie, and that sketchy little blackbird up for a final battle that I’m sure will blow everybody out of the bayou.

WRITTEN BY: Caitlìn R. Kiernan
ART BY: Steve Lieber
RELEASE: July 18

The newest issue of “Alabaster” opens with a stellar action sequence. The battle involves a big, beautifully illustrated monster and some tastefully placed wisecracks. From there, all becomes quiet and Maisie begins telling her own story. Most of the issue from here on out is a flashback, but the points that the story reveals blow your mind. The reveal not only straps you in for what will surely be a masterful final issue, but it also gets you thinking. At the end, you’re still questioning how Dancy is going to pull this off.

The art has been gorgeous since the first issue, and it continues to add depth to Kiernan’s story. Steve Lieber took his pen into overdrive for the first panels of this issue. The monster is so damn cool, and wickedly detailed. Paired with Dancy’s description, I can practically smell the beast (ew).

The flashback scenes are also awesome; the blue hue that’s cast over most of the panels propelw you into a different time. That shade in particular gives these panels an otherworldly element that seems to foreshadow the coming events on their own. And, as usual, these scenes are chock-full of monstrous combat and bloodshed.

The major dilemma in the issue allows you to fear for Dancy’s well-being, but the series has established her as a determined and resourceful character, so at the end of the day, you’re pulling for her side. I’m sure that the final issue will yield a hefty and intense battle, but personally, I’m waiting to see how they leave Dancy’s character, and what they’re going to do with her companions. Does the buck stop here? I can’t wait to find out.

4/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – Kaity McAllister




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