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Trio Of ‘Resident Evil 6’ Videos Show Off Four Player Co-op, Zombie Dogs, And Giant Snakes



I am finding myself getting more and more pumped for this game. I was admittedly a little worried, a feeling that’s shared by a majority of Resident Evil fans by now, but after enjoying some hands-on time with the demo, I’ve found my worries are slowly being soothed away. Capcom’s being ambitious with Resident Evil 6, offering us three wildly different campaigns that seem to be heavily influenced by past games in the series–Chris’ story plays like RE5, Leon’s like RE4, and Jake’s like RE3. The last time Capcom went all in was with Resident Evil 4, and I think most of us can agree that that game was amazing. Capcom recently unveiled three new gameplay videos, which you can find after the break, that give us another glimpse of each of the three campaigns. These aren’t the same sections we’ve already seen either, no sir, this is (mostly) new.

In the videos below you’ll see some nifty new features, including the often teased four player co-op. This feature doesn’t play out like it does in Halo: Reach or Gears of War 3, in RE6 it’s temporary. Every once in a while each of the three campaigns will converge, like, for example, during the boss fight you can watch below. In it, we see Jake and Sherry meet up with Leon and Helena as they encounter the Ustanak. One of my (many) complaints with Operation Raccoon City was how linear and flat the levels were, but Resident Evil 6 remedies that issue a bit by adding a little verticality to the levels so you have some options. I hope there’s a lot of that.

Also, it looks like the Ustanak’s wound could be its weak point, and if that’s the case that could mean the era of glowing body parts that signal a boss’s weak point has finally ended. All right, I’ll shut up so you can enjoy the videos.

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