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Mow Down Zombies With Your Friends In The Upcoming MMO ‘The War Z’

The unfortunately titled The War Z, not to be confused with World War Z or Day Z, which it seems partially inspired by, is an upcoming zombie apocalypse MMO that’s being brought to us by Arktos Entertainment and Hammerpoint Interactive. It will offer a mix of RPG elements and cross server play–yes, this is PC exclusive, at least for now–that lets you take your character into the server your friends are at. It sounds pretty exciting, as it brings with it massive fully explorable environments connected by hubs called safe settlements, and there’s no subscription. I hate subscription based MMOs, mainly because I’m the type of gamer that will play a game off an on for months pretty sporadically, so that doesn’t mesh well with me specifically. More info and some screenshots after the jump!

For starters, here are a ton of features the game promises to rub all over our hungry faces when it releases this fall:
Big open worlds to explore between 200 to 400 square kilometers
Two modes of play: Normal (you can be revived when you’re incapacitate) and Hardcore (death = game over man, game over)
Combination of first-person and third-person perspectives
Meld of PvE (player versus environment) and PvP (player versus player)
Strong Role Playing Elements
Multiple playable characters with customizable features
Unique social elements, including bounties, help requests, trap setting, etc.
Safe settlements where players can purchase, sell and store items as well as post notes for other players
Dozens of unique skills that can be learned and improved
Up to 250 players per game server
New weapons and items become available as players explore the game world
Full developer support with regularly scheduled, free content updates
Dedicated public servers as well as private servers that can be completely self-managed in game client
Single purchase, downloadable client with ability to play full game without subscriptions or requiring in-game transactions

Now, enjoy some screenshots!

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