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[Giveaway] Comment To Win The ‘Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection’

Update: The giveaway is now over–big thanks to everyone who participated!

If you like free stuff then you’ve come to the right place, because today I’m giving away two codes to download the Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection for the PS3. For the unfamiliar, the collection brings with it the Umbrella Chronicles and the Darkside Chronicles, which pit you and a friend–or I suppose you could go it alone, and that’s not pathetic at all–against the Umbrella Corporation’s creations. Now, I know there are people like me who prefer to get free things while investing as little effort as possible, so with that in mind, today’s giveaway is going to be easy peasy. More after the break.

The Umbrella Chronicles and the Darkside Chronicles are co-op games. You can play them alone, but they were meant to be shared with a friend, so I want you to tell me in the comments below who your ideal zombie-fighting partner would be. If you could unleash unlimited cans of Resident Evil flavored whoopass with anyone in the world, who would you choose? Who do you trust to have your back when you’re surrounded by Lickers and are low on ammo? Would it be your boyfriend? Girlfriend? Best friend? Mom? Dad? Obama? Chuck Norris? TJ? Anyone.

You have until Friday to stun me with your creative commenting capabilities, so get to work!



  • Daddy-the-Baddy

    CHUCK FUCKING NORRIS. End of discussion.

    • andy213

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  • Lummers

    It would have to be Captain Price from Modern Warfare because no matter what you throw at him he can deal with it,not only that but as long as you have his back he’ll have you’res for better or worse.

  • ZoMbIe88

    I ‘d rather have Ash (evil dead) because he is genious. He cut his arm and put a chainsaw instead. All time -kicking ass- freaking classic. But because i will not manage to play with him (i’ll ask him but i guess i wont like the answer) i ll have to use my brother..

  • Vampire-Renee

    Oh there is one certain ex of a friend who could use some whoopass of course with my best friend by my side for some justice.

    This is one of her favorite things as well so even better.

  • rhsfbcoach

    How could anyone not take on U/C without RAMBO on your side?!?!?!?! He can fight in the woods, in the desert, in the city (on top of a gas station), in confined quarters, in a POW prison camp, tunnels, in water, everywhere!!! I will take Rambo over everyone else because when the S@#T hits the fan, who wouldn’t want to hear, in those famous vocals that he has, “Yo, Adrian (oops, wrong movie)…Yo, let’s kick some zombie ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” And if that doesn’t work, I will just take his HGH (I mean vitamins) and get big and buff/cut like him and kick everyone’s ass myself!

  • BornVillian

    Going with the zombie theme, I’m going to have to choose the duo of Rick Grimes & Michonne from The Walking Dead…comic! They have seen and been through so much yet they always pulls through any dangerous situation. Rick proving that he can still be a total boss with only one hand.And Michonne showing that nothing can stop her well she has her sword in hand. He’s a leader that always knows what the best move is. I’d totally trust him but I understand if it was between me or Carl(his son)he’d totally let me die. Bringing them into the world of Resident Evil and its creatures wouldn’t be anything they couldn’t handle. I can see Rick downing some Hunters with a shotgun well Michonne cuts of the tongues of Lickers as they approach her. And I’d probably just be in the background shouting moral support haha. It’d be an honor to fight and eventually die along their sides.

  • Lee-Edgar

    Oh Ive been wanting this so baaad tried to buy it last weekend but ps3 wouldn’t accept any of my debit cards :/ so pick me pick me !!! lol 😛

  • Joe-Banger

    Who knows more about killing zombies than Adam D and TJ?! NO ONE! You two can back me up!

    • Adam Dodd

      Joe wins ALL THE CODES!

  • xxxwolf666

    I’d pick Lionel from Dead Alive.

  • JRod365

    I’d pick TDog from the Walking Dead tv series. That way I wouldn’t even have to fight any zombies since he’s so good at not being noticed and I’m sure he’d teach me his ways.

  • Shadowz666

    I’d pick The Terminator.

  • Eville

    Bruce Campbell

  • Marty McFly

    Darryl from The Walking Dead.

  • HMH

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She is great at fighting the forces of darkness and is very skilled with bladed weapons and hand to hand combat. She’d be able to teach those skills so you could fight off the zombie hordes if you run out of ammo.

  • sighfi

    I’d probably pick my boston terrier because he breaks tennis balls with his jaws. I am fairly certain he would bite zombies and mutants to death wholesale with his devastating chomps.

  • Laugh Riot

    Gotta have a lil fun too lol. My partner is someone no one else would pick. Father McGruder from DeadAlive “1992” One of my favorite zombie movies. Watching each others back We’d kick ass for the Lord! If I couldn’t get him like he got bit like he did in the movie I’d take Lionel Cosgrove heck he killed a ton with a lawn mower.

  • ThunderDragoon

    I would choose you, Adam. 😀 I know you’re a beast when it comes to games and we have a lot in common, so playing with you would be awesome.

  • Smashdevour

    Spiderman, he’s quick with the webshooters to seal their mouths and used to dealing with licker like creatures thanks to fighting Venom all the time.

  • Ultrazilla

    Jesus. Low on health? He heals! Either of us dies? He resurrects! Stuck on a hard level but really need to make a Mt. Dew run? No problem restarting the game where you left of…cause Jesus saves!


    Rob Halford…Because He…Is…The…PAINKILLER …..

  • isoph0451

    Isaac Clarke; he’s dealt with a lot of crazy alien sh*t that are almost as dangerous (if not a helluva lot more dangerous) than some lickers. Plus, his weapons kick some major ass. Licker doesn’t stand a chance against my Plasma Cutter *licker body parts fly everywhere as Isaac and I high-five each other and shout ‘HELL YEAH’ *

  • Hmm…I would probably have to pick Lionel from Dead Alive. If he was unavailable because he was too busy fighting zombies with a lawnmower off the coast of New Zealand or eating pudding filled with his mother’s cheek pus, I would probably pick Guillermo Del Toro since he is the one that directed Lionel and told him what to do. Besides, we all know he knows how to handle fucked up creatures, as evidenced by Blade 2, the Hellboy movies and Pan’s Labyrinth. I would not be worried at all if I had either one of those guys by my side fighting zombies. We’d kick some SERIOUS ass.

  • MarineVet

    I’d have to go with my 3 year old son. Following in his Dad’s footprints as a former marine, he’s already proficient in building and shooting his lego guns. He fully trained in pulling the pin to throw grenades and is completely known to use the cover system when attacking his victims. My son would be very eager to put on his Marine Cap, backpack and arsenal of lego weapons to fights of hordes of zombies.

  • Jenny Miller

    I would have to partner up with Michelle Rodriguez, for one she’s played in a resident evil movie. Also, she comes back from death in all her movies (fast and furious, resident evil, etc) so she would be a good ally to have

  • J-SiN

    Ving Rhames or Simon Pegg. But I’d be fine with my daughter, she can’t wait to play this.

  • Trioxin83

    Darth Vader would be my savior. He could force choke the shit out of a group of zombies so hard their heads would pop off. Then possibly train me in the ways of the dark side of the force (if my midichlorian count is high enough) so I could use force lighting to fry whole groups of them. We would probably end up enslaving all of the zombies and using them to reduce planets to rubble and rule the galaxy together as father and adopted son.

  • Dismissile

    I’d choose Jar Jar Binks. He would annoy all of the zombies to death. Well…a second death at least.

  • ETCJ19


  • woody harrelson.

    • and a box of twinkies tied 6 feet in front of him as motivation.

      • and if you pick this comment. send it to j-sin. i just like humoring people. the thought of him and his daughter spending time together is much better then me alone with a game.

  • lv99ron

    If she existed I would pick Bayonetta. First off you need something to take your mind off all the death and carnage, and what could do that better than a sexy with wearing a skin tight outfit made out of her own hair. Secondly she is armed to the teeth. She can run into a group of zombies do a cartwheel and kill pretty much all of them with a combination sword strikes and rapid bazooka kicks. Also if would never need to carry a gun. I could just carry her on my shoulder and she can fire in all directions with her hands and feet. And if I’m feeling rather frisky and we are surrounded she can do a hurricanrana on me and wipe out everything around us. After just doing that once I could die a happy man. Thirdly, and most importantly she is a witch. She could unleash some of her wicked weave attacks on the zombies. Punching and kicking them with giant magical hair fist and feet. And if things get out of hand she can do a sexy little strip tease that unleashes a giant hair demon to kill everything, while I sit back and watch the show. So yeah, Bayonetta would be my partner of choice because she brings the BIG GUNS to the table, plus she also lots of actual guns to protect me with.

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