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Advance Review: ‘Deadly Harvest’ Graphic Novel

Historically the amount of danger involved in your line of work has an impact on your pay rate; mining, oil rigs, and king crab fishing is just a few of these hard work load, but high wealth employment opportunities. Erik Hendrix and Michael David Nelsen take this to the next level in “Deadly Harvest” where the aim is mining asteroids and other space debris for a highly combustible ore known as Klip. The tough part? Klip explodes with kinetic energy making it one hell of a deadly harvest. Of course, it isn’t the only hazard involved in this industry, and over the course of this intergalactic thrill ride, many other deadly obstacles present themselves.

WRITTEN BY: Erik Hendrix and Michael David Nelsen
ART BY: Yannis Roumboulias
RELEASE: July 25th

Being fairly new to comics I have yet to come across any really hard sci-fi comics, besides dabbling in Star Wars comics and the ever epic “Saga”. Sure there are those that take place in alternate universes or far away planets but this is as sci fi as it gets. The team of harvesters, headed by the likeable Captain Cyrus Layne, begin the story with a bang, literally, submersing the reader in the deadly universe these space miners have to deal with. When a new asteroid loaded with enough Klip to send the whole crew into early retirement comes into the story, a new layer is added to this world as Layne decides to use “threads” for fast travel. The concept of “threads” isn’t new to anyone who enjoys scifi, a worm hole like tunnel system that allows for travel over vast distances in short time. This where the story really begins to heat up; not all ships are meant for “threads”. This jump through space allows Layne to get a head start on his grand harvest but where would this story be if it was happily ever after, with the appearance of space pirates this violence free story explodes into conflict.

“Deadly Harvest” is fairly fast paced with a healthy amount of characters but not an over load of information. As the reader I was able to absorb what was going on at a pace that didn’t overwhelm me with content. The story is pretty simple; harvest Klip = get rich. These folks will literally get rich or die trying. With addition of some cool scifi and of course some bad ass space pirates where could the plot go wrong? The end is especially awesome as we find out that this new asteroids has its own alien locals that seem to be hungry for death.

The art has a realistic look but with enough of a make-believe feel to it that works well with science fiction. The idea behind the different mining equipment is particularly interesting, who wouldn’t want a plasma pike or hammer? Colouring compliments the style of art used very well making the suits and weaponry looks even more awesome.

“Deadly Harvest” has a solid story line thus far and the idea behind the book itself gives it a good hook for any readers that enjoy a good scifi twist or even TV shows like “Deadliest Catch”. It’s real easy to get in the characters heads while twists in the plot still leave it unpredictable, especially in the end.

3.5/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – GreenBasterd



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