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Weird! Warner Brothers Is Entertaining The Idea Of A ‘Shining’ Prequel

The Shining is one of my all time favorite horror movies. Actually it’s one of my all time favorite movies, period. No qualifier needed. That being said… I’m not entirely sure how much I need or want a prequel. But we may be getting one regardless.

Per The LA Times, “Warner quietly exploring the possibility of a prequel to “The Shining,” the 1980 Stanley Kubrick chillfest that many fans regard as the scariest movie of all time. The studio has solicited the involvement of Hollywood writer-producer Laeta Kalogridis and her partners Bradley Fischer and James Vanderbilt to craft a new take as producers, according to a person familiar with the project who was not authorized to talk about it publicly… The film would focus on what happened before Jack Torrance (of course played memorably onscreen by Jack Nicholson), his wife and their psychic son arrived at the haunted retreat where Torrance soon descends into violent madness. A WB spokeswoman cautioned that any ‘Shining’ prequel was in a very early stage and not even formally in development.

Now, that sort of leaves open two possibilites. The first would be that the prequel explores what was happening with the Torrance family beforehand. I’m not interested in that at all. I feel like their backstory in Kubrick’s film is handled perfectly. The second possibility – and from the above paragraph, the more likely one – would be that it explores the origins of The Overlook Hotel. The crazy horrible stuff that had been happening there for ages. I’d certainly be more interested in that as a standalone story and, in the right hands, it could be a cool exploration as long as we’re not expecting anything as great as the 1980 film.

The LA Times article makes some interesting points about Kalogridis, but doesn’t really touch on what I think could be the most promising sign. James Vanderbilt. Sure, he wrote the new (and apparently pretty bad) Spider-Man, but he also wrote David Fincher’s Zodiac. If he ends up writing this film, lets hope he tries to bring the same sense of measured, slow-burn menace.
Either way, it’s sort of an interesting idea. But also something we shouldn’t expect too much from. There’s no better way to kill your perception of a movie than to compare it to a masterpiece. Remember Prometheus?



  • isoph0451

    Let’s just leave The Shining alone and make something new. Besides, if you want more history on the hotel read Stephen King’s novel, which is fantastic.

    • This COULD be a good way to hype up the sequel to The Shining that Stephen King is penning right now I guess… Hopefully they would do it right though…

  • This COULD be a good way to hype up the sequel to The Shining that Stephen King is penning right now I guess… Hopefully they would do it right though…

    • EvanDickson

      @Aaron Mazzola nah. I’m not even sure if WB has the film rights to the sequel. King could potentially let another studio have the option.

      • ttop33

        I think Kubrick’s family has the rights to The Shining and its sequels. King gave those rights up before the film was made, and he had to sign a contract with Kubrick to be allowed to make the miniseries in the 90’s.

        • EvanDickson

          I don’t think Kubrick’s family would have the rights to the sequels.

          • ttop33

            Well I’m not really sure who owns the rights. Because supposedly Kubrick refused to let King have the rights to release his version of The Shining to video, and King had to agree not to bad mouth Kubrick’s Shining in order to do the mini-series.

      • Yea, I guess I didn’t mean Warner Bros. necessarily releasing it. I just know Stephen King is writing the novel right now (the sequel) and it’s called Dr. Sleep.

    • Evan3

      I much prefer the book to the movie, though I enjoy both. Either way, both King’s sequel and this proposed prequel seem like disasters in the making. I am not wholly incensed, however, since as good as Kubrick’s version was, he left plenty of room for his own movie to be a launching point and/or for a more faithful adaptation (and not that crappy Steven Webber one)

  • anthonyd1

    I loved Zodiac and I actually really enjoyed the reboot of Spider-Man so i have faith in James Vanderbilt. Im just really nervous because The Shining is also one of my favorite films of all time.

    • John Marrone

      true this

  • ttop33

    If they were to make a prequel, I hope they don’t pull a The Thing trick and do the exact same story but with Grady instead of Jack. It would make more sense to do another film based on the book.

  • John Marrone

    I learned to just roll over play dead and eat my food as they dish it to me. Seems no matter all the things we feel, they don’t listen. Thats why I think VHS will do spectacular because its made by horror fans for horror fans. These studios dont have a goddamn clue. Like the way AMC cancelled The Killing, because it lost viewers after that atrocious S01 finale. The second season was dark and good and really was ironing in a good city and investigative team that I would have liked to see continue their stories and take on another case – but all these decision makers can’t keep up with what’s now – they only know the numbers data they read from times already passed. Total BS. As for this, Im not even sure how I’d take to King’s own sequel with the psychic vampires, but as with all things, I’ll try to keep an open mind and just take it for what it is when it releases…

  • WalkingDeadGuy

    I’m all for a prequel that focusses of the events of the Overlook hotel. The murder of the twin girls alone is sure to give it an R-rating…Oh who am I kidding, I’m sure they’ll water it down.

    • theodds22

      That is a good point. I’ve always wanted to know how the murder happened.

  • Nothing333

    Yet again instead of new material we get nostalgia milking.

  • theodds22



    But please, no PG-13 shit.

  • flesheater24

    Could be awesome but they’ll prob butcher it

  • Evil_Flip

    wtf, the best thing about the hotels past is that you don’t really know what happened. And what if they do it the same as The Thing (the premake), sure it is set before the thing (the good one) it’s just the same story but not as well told.

  • m-m-m-MONSTER_KILL

    Sounds interesting I guess. And where did you hear the new Spider-Man was “pretty bad”? I personally loved it, as did everyone I know who’s seen it, it’s got a 7.6 on imdb (not a GREAT score, but pretty good) and a 73% on Rotten Tomatoes. Honestly it was better than Sam Raimi’s first and third Spider-Man movies (still not sure it was better than the second one though).

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