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Preview: ‘Dark Shadows/Vampirella’ #1

Yet another ridiculous team-up is coming from Dynamite as they bring together the ever so sultry Vampirella and Barnabas Collins AKA the Dark Shadows guy AKA Johnny Depp. “Dark Shadows/Vampirella” from Dynamite Entertainment brings together the two famous vampires for the first time in a New York City murder mystery tale.

WRITTEN BY: Marc Andreyko
ART BY: Patrick Berkenkotter
PUBLISHER: Dynamite Entertainment
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: August 1st

Two classic vampires meet for the first time! When the disappearance of a family friend brings Barnabas Collins to New York, he is ill-prepared for the seedy underworld of clubs that awaits him! And Vampirella’s quest to find the “Big Apple Butcher” sends her on a collision course with the vampire of Collinsport! Will Vampirella and Barnabas uncover the shocking identity of this madman before they kill each other?



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