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Liam Neeson And Mark Wahlberg Circle Vincenzo Natali’s Adaptation Of ‘Neuromancer’

We reported last month that Vincenzo Natali (Splice, Cube) has been tapped to direct the upcoming motion picture adaptation of William Gibson’s seminal science fiction novel Neuromancer. And now there’s some A-level talent circling the project. Namely Liam Neeson (The Grey) and Mark Wahlberg (Boogie Nights).

Per Moviehole, “Mark Wahlberg and Liam Neeson are mulling over offers to headline director Vicenzo Natali’s long-gestating adaptation of Neuromancer, based on the classic literary offering by William Gibson. Wahlberg, who has a solid working relationship with the film’s producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura (he cast the former in ‘Four Brothers’ and ‘Shooter’), would play the anti-hero Case. Neeson, who like Wahlberg will receive a pay-or-play deal, would be the twisted tool Armitage.

Neuromancer is the story of a washed-up computer hacker hired by a mysterious employer to work on the ultimate hack. Seven Arts sees Neuromancer as part of a potential multi film series as many of Gibson’s sci-fi masterpieces have yet to be adapted to the big screen.



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