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[Boredom Bytes] Zombies Invade NYC, American Smartphone Psycho, ‘300’ Recreated In ‘Skyrim’



It’s the beginning of the week, most of us have work and/or school to look forward to, but for now, let’s forget about all that. I want you to relax, let down your hair, maybe rest your aching feet on a pillow or a small dog. It’s therapy time, and what better way to soothe your frayed nerves than by watching some funny, awkward, and awkwardly funny videos scrounged up from around the deepest corners of the interwebs. Here they are, enjoy.

Imagine you’re walking home, maybe listening to a little Sia, when all of a sudden a zombie shambles into view, ready to take a bite out of your face. Scary, right? That’s exactly the situation many of the unsuspecting citizens of New York City found themselves in when some zombified people came to terrorize the city.

American Psycho is one of the best movies ever, and if you disagree I demand you watch it again and again until you agree. One of the best scenes has Bateman and friends–which, incidentally, could be the title of an incredible Saturday morning cartoon–swap their business cards. It’s weird and amazing, and translates perfectly into the modern world (because who still has business cards, amirite?) with a little smartphone swapping.

You know what was great about the film 300? The steamy scantily clothed man-on-man action, you say? All right, you pervy minx–you know what the second best thing about 300 was? The gory battles, that’s what. It just so happens someone recreated the epic battle in Skyrim, and what’s even more impressive than that is how great it looks in video game form.

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