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What Comics Do You Want Adapted For The Big Screen?



Given the recent success of comic book summer blockbusters, and the current trend in Hollywood to reboot, remake, or adapt old material, it’s inevitable that we’ll be seeing more of our beloved comic books on the big screen. Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman” series has been in development several times over the years, a “Crawl to Me” film will be upon us soon, and, as per usual, FOX blew it by passing on the “Locke & Key” series. It’s clear that horror comics lend themselves to on-screen adaptations. The question is, which books do you actually want to see on the big screen?

A few months back I ran an article about the comics I would love to see as a film or TV series. There are so many books out there, so many long-running series, so much good horror, but it’s hard to imagine which books could actually work. The biggest issue in bringing comics to life is that comics have no budget, no actors, and no FX department. There are few limitations when it comes to creating comics. Films, on the other hand, are extremely limited by these factors. It takes more than just a good comic and a good director to make a proper adaptation.

As we’ve seen time and time again comic book movies fall short more often than not. Spawn, Swamp Thing, and Ghost Rider, are prime examples of books with great potential that crashed and burned into stinky piles of garbage. But, we’ve also seen how great these can be with 30 Days of Night, The Crow, and Hellboy.

As it stand right now, my number one choice for an adaptation is Scott Snyder and Scott Tuft’s “Severed” series from last year. In my mind, it is a perfect horror comic. It’s creepy as hell, bone chillingly tense, packed with scares, and it’s short enough to be adapted to a feature film without demanding an insane budget. Furthermore, it’s rare to see a horror movie these days with a kid in the lead role. I think there’s potential with “Severed” for a Joe Dante style throwback, which is currently going untapped in the film industry. Plus, I would much rather see a comic book move to the big screen, than another goddam horror franchise reboot.

So, how about you guys? What horror comic are you dying to see on the big screen?