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Finally! The Full Trailer For ‘Paranormal Activity 4’!!!

After three teasers for this thing we finally have the full trailer for Paranormal Activity 4, which marks the return of Paranormal Activity 3 directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman.

The poster reveal earlier today indicated that the film takes place in November of 2011, which is a far cry from the 1980’s setting of Part 3 (my personal favorite in the series). The film seems to primarily concern a young high school student and a creepy kid next door (Toby made flesh?). Looks pretty good! The “front door open, back door open” bit is well executed.

Joost and Schulman co-directed Catfish independently before it was acquired by Universal. PA 3 has made over $200 million at the box office worldwide, while the entire Paranormal Activity franchise has pulled in approximately $577 worldwide at the box office alone making it a near billion dollar franchise (when you include home video).

Paramount releases PA4 on October 19, 2012. Head inside for the trailer. Not sure if it will top PA3 for me, but who knows?



  • John Marrone

    You know what – if there’s an interesting story here, maybe it’ll be cool – but goddammmmn anything to do with “Katie” is SO BORING and not scary. Just looks like the same old haunted house crap recycled over and over with a little tweak thrown in. Not watchin anymore of these unless someone I respect tells me “I thought it would suck too, but you HAVE to see it, its GREAT.” Paranormal (the first one) in theaters midnight showing opening night was one of the best horror showings I ever watched in a theater. The moment has passed. I’m jumpin ship.

    • andy213

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  • FreddyKrueger13

    Well that has restored my hope in this franchise, but please end it here

  • Nothing333

    Great trailer. Riveting stuff and genuinely creepy. Can’t wait!

  • WolfQueen

    I think the kid next door is probably Hunter. The time between 1 & 2 and the 4th one would age the kid enough, I think.
    Also, I would imagine some of the stuff we just saw won’t be in the actual movie, as per usual when it comes to this series. This leads to major headaches as a movie theatre employee when customers freak out at you because the trailer stuff isn’t the movie. I just started telling them to call the studio. LOL.

  • djblack1313

    i hate when people are just like “THIS TRAILER SUCKS!” and hate for the sake of hating but IMO this trailer sucked! LOL. i AM somewhat interested in finding out what happened to Hunter & Katie but this teaser (it IS a teaser, right?) was tired. i do really like the “front door open, back door open” part. that was pretty good though. also it’s good that (at least as of now) they didn’t mislead people again by putting 99% footage in the trailer/teaser that was never intended to be put into the movie, the way they did with part 3.

  • This is the one series that shouldn’t end. It gets better every movie!

  • flesheater24

    FUck that shit, that fuckin creepy as fuck. The first one was ok because well its the first one so it has to be good. It was creepy and cool seeing it with people. The 2nd one I skipped because it looked so fucking stupid and made me not want to see the 3rd one at all. Well I brought myself up to see the 3rd one and damn was I happy I did see it in theaters. Shit was fuckin scary as fuck and the best one. This looks fuckin even more scary. But I am not watching no more trailers. LOL.
    BTW WTF is up with that satan shit symbol at the end LOL are the fuckin creepers from the 3rd one coming into play now? I am stoked for this 🙂

  • doomas10

    number two was too boring…3 had some good parts in it and great jump scares but it reminded me too much Poltergeist. this has the same scares like before – creepy figure in the background, lights on and off etc. Will still watch it but i think they are milking the franchise right now – same thing happened with saw 😛

    • PatrickxJonathan

      It’s a ghost movie, you’ve just described what “ghosts” are known to do and somehow managed to say it should be done differently. What else do ghosts do? I mean they could rape people but I think that’s already been done too.

  • Just like “SAW” was kept alive for wayyyyy to long, now this series is going down the same way. They figure that it is so cheap to make them and enough morons will go see them, then why now drag it on for as long as they can. All it does in the end is kill what made the first two so special.

  • Skull-And-Crossbones

    looks awesome. i loved the first 3.

  • chaoslex

    Coincidence that the neighbors would be filming their house too LOL. I lived in a subdivision with hundreds of houses and I would be surprised to see one house with a camera system. Anyway it looks good.

  • Marty McFly

    Awful. These movies are so bad.

  • Blood-Sicles

    The original is the only one I went to a theater/paid to see. Looks like a lazy Sunday DVD-rental to me. The sequels really haven’t been awful, but they are ruining my memory of how much I liked first one.

  • AbsintheGrey

    I will definitely see it, but I’m not going to pay to see it.

  • heyblinken

    Was the little kid casting 2 shadows or was i seeing things?

  • divisionbell

    So they’re just going to skip over the rest f the backstory? No fire…no explanation on who the parents they kept referring to were? Was really hoping for more prequel…

  • Canucklehead

    Filming the same movie over and over again makes you a hack and I will pass on this

  • fearnoevil81


    I saw two shadows as well. One looked like a little boy, the closer shadow. The other appeared to be… A girl?

    • ReplicA

      Casting two shadows happens when two light sources are pointed at the same subject from different angles. That’s all

  • Big_J

    Love this Series!! Full of great ideas and amazing ways to keep them connected. always a blast seeing these in the theaters! Cant wait for this. Katie is not all that scary anymore But Toby is and the Trailer did a good job making Hunter Creepy. CAN NOT WAIT!! Haters gonna Hate!! But hey at least there talking about it. That means they still paid to see it!!

    • Big_J

      Love the new symbol!! Love the idea of the Covenant!! Just love how the come up with new ideas and keep them connected!! This series could go on and be at least decent for a long time!

  • ThunderDragoon

    This looks amazing! Can we just pretend the third one doesn’t exist and that this is the 3rd? XD Seriously, this is what most of us have been waiting for. Can’t fucking wait. Looks so damn awesome. And the great thing is that they don’t show too much. They don’t show all these scenes that don’t end up in the movie. It’s great.

  • Evil_Nik

    They really should have stopped with the first film. Sorry, but this series gets lamer and lamer with each film.

    • DragonSlayer111


  • BelaManiac

    I’ll definitely still be seeing this. I’ve seen the other 3 at the theater so it’s only right.

  • friday_the_13th

    This is some creepy shit. I have to go see this one.

  • eddi

    I never really liked this series, the third one really put me off but i have to say this one looks awesome. I’ll defiantly be seeing this.

  • PatrickxJonathan

    Wow, after seeing the Third and then seeing how this will be presented, I sort of have lost hope.

  • Decapitated_Dave

    I’m excited. My wife got me into these. I’m usually more of a gore hound and I greatly disliked the first two. I actually loved the third. Hope the fourth doesn’t disappoint.

  • FoxLuvr72

    Looks good. I’m up for seeing it.

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