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This Band Might Have One Of The Silliest Names Ever

There have been some silly band names over the years but an email sent to me this morning actually forced my jaw to drop: “Destiny Potato signs to Century Media Records”. I’m sorry, run that name by me one more time? Destiny Potato? I’ll give them credit because the name alone demanded my attention and made it so I had to check them out. And you know what? They’re pretty damn awesome!

Hailing from Serbia, Destiny Potato is a six-piece band that lives by the motto “Potatoes gonna potate.” The band formed under very quick circumstances when, in 2011, Euroblast Festival organizers reached out to guitarist David Maxim Micic to perform as a solo artist. He convinced them instead to host the band. The sneaky thing was that there was no band formed at that time. Micic, along with friend and fellow musician Aleksandra Djelmas, quickly put together a group and Destiny Potato was born.

Influenced by artists such as SIKTH, Destiny Potato is heavy, melodic, technical, and right up my alley. Below is a streaming sample of their song “Dark Side Of You”.

What are some silly band names you’ve heard? Leave ’em below in the comments!

DESTINY POTATO lineup 2012
Aleksandra Djelmas – vocals, piano
Ana Little Fog Maglica – vocals, violin
David Maxim Micic – guitar, keyboards and production
Milan Jejina Yeqy – drums
Bojan Kvocka – bass
Dusan Vanja Andrijasevic – guitar

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