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Watch Ada Kick Tons Of Mummified Zombie Ass In This Brand New ‘Resident Evil 6’ Video

The bitch in the red dress is back, and she’s more badass than ever. Between her slick moves, grappling gun, and a crossbow with different firing modes, I think her scenarios might be the most fun to partake in. It certainly helps that her story looks to run parallel to Leon’s, meaning lots of zombies and creepy/rainy locales to explore. The fantastic video comes with the very good news that Ada will have her own single-player story so we can all relive the glorious days of Resident Evil 4 without a co-op partner, and rightly so, because I can’t picture Ada teaming up with anyone. Her story will unlock after you’ve completed the other three campaigns and give you the opportunity to beat down zombies with your serious ‘tude.

Also, that fight with the naked tentacle lady near the end of the video? Yeah, I don’t know what’s going on there.

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