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[LOL] FedEx Shows Love To Metal

In a very clever way to twist preconceived notions around, FedEx has released a commercial that shows “the most dangerous band in the world” (some unnamed metal group that looks like a mix between Immortal and Slipknot) relaxing in a beautiful, luxurious hotel room being yelled at by their manager because they were spotted in an airport with golf clubs. The idea here is that metal band, especially violent looking ones, can’t possibly enjoy something so “mundane” or “safe” as golf because, well, they’ve got virgins to sacrifice and churches to burn down. Right? Anyone? Bueller?

As a great little twist at the end, the manager tells them to “learn how to trash a hotel room”, emphasizing the point by smashing a vase of flowers on the ground. The band looks at the damage until one of them states, “I’m gonna get some water for those flowers.” See parents around the world? We’re not bad people. We just dress this way to trick you.

Watch the commercial below and leave your thoughts in the comments.

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