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[Random Cool] Facebook Bans Venom Cosplay

Facebook recently pulled down images from a set of riskay, liquid latex Venom cosplay photographs by Adam Jay, giving the photographer two strikes on his account, a lock out, and a potential ban if a third “offense” is committed. The image was “Liked” over 15,000 times and shared nearly 5000 times in just 24 hours. Nice little fact, Venom co-creator, David Michelenie, originally wanted Venom to be female. Check the gallery below.

For more details on the ban, check out Adam Jay’s blog where he goes into detail on the issue.



  • ItsMorphinTime

    What warranted the ban? Nothing too revealing here…I’ve seen worse things on Facebook honestly.

  • BackwoodsHorror

    Dafuq? Why would FB ban the images when there’s no nudity involved? Facebook blows, I saw this posted all over G+ and it wasn’t banned at all. Good to know Facebook is moderated by a bunch of puritanical assholes.

  • Evil_Flip

    Venom and boobs, a match made in heaven 🙂

  • i don’t see anything revealing or crossing the line. what’s the big deal?

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