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Sounds Like There’s Going To Be A Little Dark Souls In Our ‘Resident Evil 6’

For the unfamiliar, in Dark Souls your world runs parallel to the worlds of anyone else who is playing the game online. This means you’ll occasionally see the specters of other players running about your world, and it also means that every so often a malicious player (read: total dick) will invade your world with the singular goal of kicking your unsuspecting ass. From the sound of it, the newly announced Agent Hunt mode for Resident Evil 6 will play out a bit like that. In it, up to two players can invade a world and proceed to try and ruin that person’s day. More after the break!

As a Hunter, you will take control of one of the many C-virus induced abominations and use your new powers to break the will of other players. This works in any game that has the option selected, so if you don’t want to fight real people, you won’t have to. This means a full game can have two player-controlled J’avo pitted against two player controlled agents (Jake and Sherry, Chris and Piers, Leon and Helena). I don’t know about you, but this sounds way better than Capcom’s tepid excuse for a versus multiplayer in Resident Evil 5. Craving more details? But you’d like to know exactly how this works? Well, ok.

First, you need to complete the campaign of the character you’d like to unlock the Agent Hunt mode for. After that, when you create a session you will have the option to allow/not allow the mode. If you choose to allow it, player Hunters will be able to see your session and infiltrate it as an enemy character. Not all of the stages will be available to Hunter–I imagine it wouldn’t be terribly fun roaming the empty halls of the university building, watching Leon and Helena chat it up from the relative safety of a shadowy corner of the room, now would it?

Say you go after the agent(s) and you immediately get your ass kicked. It’s your first time playing, no big dealsies, it happens to everyone. If/when it does, you’ll just respawn as another J’avo in the area, and when you do the shame of your previous death will only add fuel to the fire that is your hatred for the other players. It’ll keep you fighting until you finally taste the sweet nectar that is the blood running through the veins of the agents. When you finally kill them, it’s done. You’ve done what it was you set out to do. Now you can either savor your victory, or start over in another game.

It’s a neat idea, and one I welcome with open arms, knowing it replaced the Versus mode. What about you? Does this sound like good fun, or would you rather go at it alone?

Resident Evil 6 releases on October 2 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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