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‘Basket Case 3: The Progeny’ Get An Official DVD Release!

He’s back. He’s bad. And he’s a dad! Belial, everyone’s favorite beast-in-a-basket, is back in Basket Case 3: The Progeny, the sensational third film in Frank Henenlotter’s wildly macabre horror series.

After being separated again from his conjoined twin brother Duane (Kevin Van Hentenryck), Belial finds out he’s going to be a deformed daddy! Mrs. Belial (“Eve,” played by Denise Coop) delivers a litter of bouncing baby monsters, but the blessed event turns into a nightmarish ordeal when the police kidnap the little critters. They should know it’s not safe to anger Belial! Attacking the cops in a climactic, gory rampage, everyone’s favorite mutant mauler stops at nothing to get his newborns back!

Look for it in stores on October 9th. Special Features include the Original Theatrical Trailer.



  • brocabeach

    This has already been released on DVD, albeit not the best transfer and it’s full screen. It was put out by Fox Video. I’m all for a better release but it has been released in the USA before. Just saying. . .

  • Released.. But also out of print and mad expensive to buy. Last I looked like 80 bucks.. So this is great news. A collectors set with tons of extras for the trilogy would be even better but still glad for this.

  • brocabeach

    Damn, guess I should have sold my copy.

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