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[Random Cool] Pop Artists Get Their Names Written Like Black Metal Logos

I love black metal. I really do. But somebody needs to tell some of these artists that a good chunk of their names are completely illegible. Chicken scrawls do not make for a good band logo, at least in my opinion. But what it CAN do is turn pop artists names into something rather amusing. Below is a great picture that takes eleven well known mainstream pop artists and gives their name the good ole’ black metal chicken scrawl logo treatment. I managed to identify all of them without a problem although one of them did give me a run for my money for a second. Can you guess them all?

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  • manorbeast

    You should definitely get a kick out of this picture. I tried to paste it here, but I could only paste the link. It’s hilarious!

    • Jonathan Barkan

      I’ve seen that picture and it makes me laugh every time I see it! It’s so damn accurate!

  • Decapitated_Dave

    Hilarious. And hilarious picture, manorbeast. Second down on right?

    • Decapitated_Dave

      Ha. Just got it. Nevermind.

      • manorbeast

        Isn’t that funny as hell?

  • theoceanswillbeasblood

    I wish you could get t-shirts of those. They would definitely throw people off.

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