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Well, This Sucks: THQ Has Officially Cancelled The Insane Trilogy

It’s official: THQ has cancelled the highly anticipated Insane trilogy. This isn’t too surprising, but even the thought that such a thing would probably happen hasn’t managed to dull the sting both horror fans and Guillermo Del Toro fans are undoubtedly feeling right about now. It’s no secret THQ has been hurting lately as serious changes are being made to get the struggling company back into the green, and unfortunately, in order to do this, sacrifices must be made. THQ needs to focus on making money, and that means taking less risks. So, obviously, one of the first projects to get the axe is director Guillermo Del Toro’s intriguing action/horror trilogy based on the Lovecraftian mythos. The project probably would’ve been fantastic, especially with the talent behind it (Saints Row developer Volition Studios was behind it), but it’s not all bad. Rights of the game have been returned to Del Toro, who I’m hoping will continue pursuing it, potentially with a new studio. Might I suggest Visceral Games?

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