German Director Gets ‘Stung’ With Insane Creature Feature!


Twitch and their XYZ Films, alongside Rat Pack Filmproduktion, comes a new indie horror that’ll sting just a bit.

German director and special effects genius Benni Diez is behind Stung, about a gigantic bee! (And it looks awesome!)

The site describes is as a creature feature in the old style – a slyly tongue in cheek, action driven horror comedy that calls back to the days before creature features became the sole provenance of sub-Corman knock-em-out-cheap hack jobs. Think Tremors or Slither on a more compact scale.

Check out a VFX test below and then become a fan on Facebook.


  • Monki KaZa

    “Mimic” anyone?

  • flesheater24

    He looked like ash :) looks cool.