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[Closer to Death] The Gore of “Grimm” and the Mauvais Dentes

I’ve been keeping tabs on the NBC television show “Grimm”, which has just begun its second season, mostly for its regular introduction to evil, murderous creatures I have never heard of before. This past Monday night’s Season 2 Episode 1 was no different to that effect. Enter now, the newest face to shred flesh to the bone and fill graves: the Mauvais Dentes.

Seemingly in direct relation to the German Rißfleisch, a tiger-like Wesen – the Mauvais Dentes literally means in French, mauvais “bad” + dents “teeth”. Its a saber tooth like creature that left more lacerated skin and dismembered bodies on my public television screen than any other I can recall, to date. Like a cat, they tend to toy mercilessly with their victims, and are well known for disemboweling abdomens and leaving one inch wide puncture wounds from a pair of really nasty teeth.

They are extremely strong, and fast, and can casually deliver any human to their immediate death without much effort. As seen here. By the way, the practical effects put forth on this show by its special FX crew, which dons a list too long to single any particular one out, is not outdone by anything else on public TV.

Unlike the revenant, Mauvais Dentes have no legends or folklore based in reality. This is something that could have been easily assumed, but I had to check. Just in case.

Season 2 of Grimm continues with original episodes through August and September on NBC, playing on Monday nights, 9e/10c.

~ John Marrone – CLOSER to DEATH




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