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‘Butcher Baker’ Is Finished: Casey And Huddleston Part Ways

Bleeding Cool has reported that Joe Casey and Mike Huddleston are parting ways in the wake of “Butcher Baker The Righteous Maker” #8. The partners have reached a creative standstill, and neither party seems willing to make amends. It all started with Casey calling out Huddleston in an interview with CBR yesterday, and as with so many of these cases, the bickering continued on facebook between the two creators. See the full conversation below.

Joe Casey spoke to Comic Book Resources about delays with “Butcher Baker” issue #8, which hits this week:

For the record, “Ultimate Spider-Man” is only one of the many shows we’re currently running. My TV workload is batshit crazy and I’ll completely cop to that, but it actually has nothing to do with the interminable wait between “Butcher Baker” #7 and #8. The fact is, Huddleston found himself in a tough spot, having over-committed himself beyond the point of rational thought. He fell way behind and there was nothing I could do about it. It’s frustrating as hell and, in my opinion, supremely embarrassing. It’s not helping the cause of creator-owned comic books when creators can’t keep their shit together. Going into this, I thought it would be a fun, breezy ride that I could kick back and get my rocks off doing every month. Turns out, I’ve had to learn some harsh lessons from the experience.

On Facebook, Mike retorted:

After taking a moment to dump on me, Joe Casey talks Butcher Baker #8- which arrives tomorrow!

Not to take a personal conflict public (although Joe wasn’t shy about giving his opinion via interview), but for the record: “overcommitment” was not the issue with Butcher’s schedule. As much as I love Butcher Baker it was a project that just didn’t make enough money for me to live on. I had to take other work to keep the lights on and work on Butcher when I could. I’ve apologized to fans and to Joe for the delay.

Yeah, I think that answers any questions about future collaborations…. it’s too bad.

And he said about the end of the series:

Yep, that’s the end. We haven’t been able to communicate on the trade either, so I think we are going to have the extra art, covers and pinups appear only in the European versions.



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