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Tell Me How Much I Suck: Write Your Reviews For ‘ParaNorman’

Now in theaters everywhere, I had previously reviewed Focus Features’ ParaNorman, the latest 3-D animated genre pic from the team behind Coraline. Taking a glance across the board, it appears people are really digging this flick. I wasn’t as entertained. The stop-motion flick looks absolutely astounding, but the story lacks depth, creativity and laughs.

[It’s a] remarkable piece of art that, utilizing state of the art 3-D, take stop-motion animation to an entirely new level. The eye candy that LAIKA has delivered is revolutionary and so advanced that it makes Sony’s classic Monster House look like absolute crap.

[And while] the animation itself is stunning, what lacks is the screenplay. Butler penned the story that is gummed down with incredibly bad jokes, obnoxious characters, and a bland moral that’s worked around the classic “Frankenstein” tale.

You can read the review in its entirety by clicking here. We’d love to know your thoughts, so write your own reviews right here, right now. Tell me straight up if you think I suck!



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