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[Exclusive] Candlelight Red’s Brian Dugan Shares His Top 10 Movie Demons

Last week, Candlelight Red released a new EP entitled Demons, which you can snag from iTunes or Amazon. The EP was produced by Sevendust drummer Morgan Rose, who says that it “came out unreal.” In celebration of this, drummer Brian Dugan has given Bloody-Disgusting a list of the Top 10 Movie Demons! There are some obvious picks in the list, to be sure, but there a couple in there that surprised me as well. It’s a very fun list and you can check it out below. Make sure to leave your favorite movie demon in the comments!

Candlelight Red will be hitting the road on the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival, which features Shinedown, Godsmack, Staind, Papa Roach, and more. For a complete list of dates and ticket information, head to the Fest’s official site at

Candlelight Red Top 10 Demons List
*written by Brian Dugan, drummer

1.The Exorcism of Emily Rose – We are the one who dwells within, then speaking in different languages, ending with I am Lucifer in the flesh…talk about making your heart drop. Multiple demons in one body. One of the scariest movies ever.

2. The Exorcist – Linda Blair’s demon was Pazuzu. This was the first demonic movie I ever watched, and to this day can scare the hell out of me when watching after midnight…haha

3. The Devil’s Advocate – Al Pacino killed it as Satan. He really gave the human element to how the devil would really work today. He would play on our greed and vanity which would allow him to get to any one of us.

4. The Evil Dead – After playing a recording reciting spells from the Book of the Dead, demons are awoken and kill a group of friends on vacation in a remote cabin. This movie is both comedy and horror and is a cult classic as well as one of my favorites

5. The Omen – Damien is the ultimate wolf in sheep’s clothing. A child sent from Satan to become the Anti-Christ. For a mid 70’s movie, this was pretty cutting edge.

6. The Amityville Horror – Whether a demon or not, this was based on pure evil in the traditional sense of the word. It consumed the entire house and all that came in contact with it. A movie truly ahead of its time

7. Tales from the Crypt Demon Knight – The Collector played by Billy Zane was a sarcastic, witty twist to a demonic force. This movie had one of the best soundtracks including Pantera and Machine Head, two bands that are part of the pre-show ritual for Candlelight Red.

8. Night of the Demons – This is a late 80’s B movie, where party goers hold a séance and conjure up a demon that really brings the meaning to party. Kids, this is what can happen at underage parties…haha

9. The End of Days – Satan himself stars in this movie. This film shows him as calm and calculating. This film reminds us to keep an eye on the quiet guy.

10. South Park – Actually is one of my favorites because this character is everything that the devil is not. Sometimes you just have to make fun of the things that could scare us most.

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