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Muse’s New Song “Madness” Kinda Sucks. A Lot.

Muse has released a lyric video (with a lot of the lyrics missing) for their newest single “Madness”, which comes off their upcoming album The 2nd Law, out Oct. 2nd (iTunes pre-order). The song is a mellow electronic piece that has definite elements and influence from Prince and even some gospel touches. The video can be seen below.

The problem is that it’s just not a good song. I’m not saying that by thinking of all the awesome songs that Muse has released over the past several years. Even if this were not a Muse song, it would still be pretty boring and uneventful. I’ve forced myself to listen to the song several times and nothing special or unique jumps out at me.

One of my big problems is that Muse is comprised of three unbelievably talented musicians and their skills are basically going to waste here. Matt Bellamy is a wizard when it comes to the guitar, creating unreal tones and sounds. Christopher Wolstenholme is a beast on the bass and is known for his incredible presence. And Dominic Howard is a fantastic drummer that makes perfect use of dynamics.

So what happened here? Where is all that talent? Where is all that skill? I understand that the band wanted to dive into new waters and test new avenues. But that doesn’t mean you have to throw away what makes you such a solid band! Use the skills you have to make those new avenues something unique and incredible, not old hat.

What do you think readers? Are you hearing something that I’m not? Or am I right? Let me know in the comments below!

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