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Mike Wolfer Takes over ‘Stitched’ With Gory Delight!

This September, Mike Wolfer will be taking over the reigns as head writer on Stitched, originally from the twisted mind of Garth Ennis. Wolfer is well known for his work in horror comics on books such as “Lady Death” and “Night of the Living Dead”. He knows what we horror fanatics want. The new arc, which begins with issue #8, and its a perfect place to delve into the gory world that is “Stitched”. After the jump you can check out the insanely brutal set of Fernando Furukawa’s cover art for issues #8 and #9.

In an interview with Bleeding Cool, Wolfer said about the arc, “The new storyline will run from #8 to #13, and is a self-contained storyline of its own, just like the first seven issues. But “Black Drum,” which is what I’m calling this arc, is a direct continuation of the first arc. We don’t see any of the characters from the first story, those who survived (if any), but this story is a natural progression of the premise Garth established. Readers who missed the first one should certainly be teased for missing out on a good thing, but they won’t have to have read it to understand what’s what in the new story. Everything is neatly explained, while we simultaneously blaze ahead with new characters and situations.”



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