Dodge Vs. Locke Ends In 'Locke & Key: Omega' This November!! - Bloody Disgusting
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Dodge Vs. Locke Ends In ‘Locke & Key: Omega’ This November!!



Following the “Clockworks” story arc for Joe Hill’s fabulous Locke & Key series, comes the concluding chapter for the Locke family with the 7-issue “Omega” arc. This sixth and final arc of the series will put a wrap on the six-year project from Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez. While it is the final book for the Locke family, Hill has expressed interest in continuing tales of the house set in the WWII era. “Omega” begins this November.

On his website, Joe Hill wrote,”The final Dodge vs. the Locke kids story will follow not long after, in the 7 issues that compose Locke & Key: Omega. It’ll be the conclusion of what has been a six year, 37 issue project, and Gabe and I are going to do our best to end it well. And while it will finish off the overarching narrative, Gabe and I expect to tell a few more stories set in Lovecraft, Massachusetts. There will, for sure, be more standalones, cos they’re fun to write, and refreshing for Gabe to draw, and you guys all seem to like ‘em.

Hope you all have some fun with the end of Clockworks… and thanks, as always, for reading our comic.”


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