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‘The Walking Dead’ #100 & #101 Get New Printings

This is no surprise given how popular issue #100 proved to be. Kirkman delivered the goods with his landmark issue and now he’s reaping the rewards big time. The new re-prints will feature brand new unfolding covers that match up from artist Charlie Adlard. More inside.

Official press release from Image Comics:
Fans of Robert Kirkman’s THE WALKING DEAD will get more of the unfolding image that spreads across the covers of the six issue of the “Something to Fear” story arc, as issues #100 and #101 get new printings with new covers by Charlie Adlard.

The second printing of THE WALKING DEAD #101 (JUL128121), which follows the survivors’ reactions to the shocking events of the landmark hundredth issue of the series, is available to order now, as the first printing of the issue has sold out. The second printing will be in stores on September 12.

A third printing of THE WALKING DEAD #100 is being prepared to go to press as remaining copies second printing quickly sell through.



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