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TV: [Next On] Fanger Name-Calling In Extended Sneak Peak At “True Blood” Finale

HBO has just wrapped the second to last episode of “True Blood” and has set the stage for another vampire war.

The season finale of “True Blood” Season 5, Episode 12, “Save Yourself” airs this Sunday, Aug. 26 at 9 p.m. on HBO.

In the finale, “Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) embarks on a final, desperate mission to overthrow the Authority – and save Bill from losing his humanity. Andy (Chris Bauer) faces the consequences of a light pact he made; Alcide readies for a second showdown with J.D. (Louis Herthum); Sam and Luna test their limits in trying to escape the Authority.

It was written by Alan Ball and directed by Michael Lehmann. Will you guys be sticking around for Season 6? Should I have given this season a chance?



  • MakeThisAMovies

    I felt this season started out with a bang and was far superior to the corny previous season. But they made a huge mistake by completely separating all of the characters. The plot-lines didn’t intersect and the terrible fire-demon shit went absolutely nowhere. A greater focus should have been placed on Tara and Sookie’s relationship but, oh well. The last episode was great now that all of the stories are converging. Here’s hoping the finale will kick some ass.

  • I was deeply disappointed in last season, especially the last few episodes, but I’ve been overall extremely pleased with this year. I would like them to focus more on the core characters and do a little less with Andy, Terry, Arlene and Alcide. However, those plots haven’t been too disrupting and the central story has been compelling and fun. Can’t wait for Sunday!

  • djblack1313

    i too wasn’t in love with last season (it was just ok) and i disliked season 3 but i LOVE this season. it’s nearly a perfect season IMO. it made me love the show again.

  • Nothing333

    Other than the ifrit side plot this season has been addictive as heck and harkens back to the earlier seasons. Sunday’s became a long wait between again. I can’t wait to see what they do in the finale and season six. I just hope they don’t stake Newlin or Edgington. Those two bring a malevolent lunacy I want to keep going.

  • KnightOfTears

    I have been very pleased with this season…other than the Ifrit shit. Other than that I have no complaints. They seem to be playing slightly off the whole Queen of the Damned outline with this Lilith character. I have found that Pam and Tara’s attitudes really do it for me this season. Watching the finale will once again sadden me until next June.

  • weresmurf

    The Fire demon thing I thought was pretty cool, however, the biggest issue is once episode 8 or whatever it was hit, they were done and dusted with it, it no longer mattered. Wtf? No way to tie anything to anything? No fallout from it? Terry doesn’t have to go on the run? It just ended up feeling redundant. It was pretty cool, but felt so anti-climactic. Other than that, they’ve interwoven Sams storyline really well, the werewolves pretty well but the Ifrit storyline is the weak link, unfortunately it’s resonated loudly and caused a shortcoming of noteable proportions for this season. Other than that its kickass.

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