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Texas Chainsaw Star Takes Residence in ‘Cell 213’

We broke the news back in July that Stephen Kay, director of Sony Screen Gems’ 2005 horror film BOOGEYMAN, would return to help another thriller entitled Cell 213. Today we scored the first official casting news for the film, which is currently lensing in Toronto, Canada. Read on to see which CHAINSAW star will head behind bars.Eric Balfour (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hell Ride) has arrived on set from Bucharest to play lead in Stephen T Kay directed CELL 213. Michael Rooker (Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Slither) and Canadian talent Deborah Valente (Resident Evil: Apocalypse) will play alongside Balfour who is best known for his role in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003). Written by Maninder Chana, principal photography began two weeks ago on the spine-chilling prison horror in Southern Ontario.

Produced by Access Motion Pictures, Cell 213 becomes home to Michael Gray a cocky young attorney after a gruesome twist of circumstance lands him in the South River State Penitentiary, framed for the murder of an incarcerated client. Unnatural forces are causing prisoners to ‘off’ themselves at abnormal rates and Michael soon discovers that matters of guilt and innocence are not as cut and dry as he would like to believe trapped in this nightmarish cell.

There’s a certain inherent “horror” in a prison itself. Our goal is to keep the fear and claustrophobia of the real prison life and add to it a deep, psychological terror. The more honest we can keep this world, the more compelling the horror will be. This is a “haunted house” that you really can’t run from,” claims director Stephen Kay. Kay returns to the big screen after his No.1 box office success with Boogeyman starring Barry Watson and Emily Deschanel.

Access Motion Pictures is a Toronto based production company founded in 2007. The company finances and produces pictures that uncover and showcase compelling stories for a worldwide audience. AMP has recently completed Phantom Punch, a biopic teaming Golden Globe® winner Ving Rhames with director Robert Townsend to bring the late boxing champ Sonny Liston’s turbulent life to the silver screen. This picture is followed by an ambitious slate for the fall season leading into 2009 featuring Frankie and Alice starring Oscar® winner Halle Berry in a psychological thriller. AMP strives to produce star-driven, commercial pictures that tap new talent and generate diverse opportunities for the creative team.



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