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UPDATED: Eli Roth’s ‘Cotton’ Announced, New Yorkville Ripper Film

Update: Eli Roth adds a little more details, which can be found inside! StudioCanal is adding genre fare to its traditionally arthouse-oriented lineup for AFM. They’ve scored the rights for two films that will be of interest to Bloody-Disgusting readers. The first is Red Riding, a thriller featuring “the Yorkshire Ripper,” while they’ll also be getting behind Eli Roth’s latest horror venture (as a producer), Cotton, which was inspired by CLOVERFIELD’s success. You can read all of the juicy details inside.UPDATE: Eli Roth writes in, “This is a project that Eric Newman from Strike and I have been putting together for a while. Eric and I have been looking for projects to produce together for a while now, and this will be our first venture,” Roth tells Bloody-Disgusting. “The success of CLOVERFIELD and QUARANTINE definitely helps show the foreign buyers that there’s still a market for a film made for a film in this style.

In short, COTTON is the scariest script I’ve read in years. I’m a huge fan of the filmmakers, who made a brilliantly funny, sick, and rarely-seen film called MAIL ORDER WIFE. I even remember being blown away by Huck Botko’s student film when I was at NYU, he’s an incredibly talented director who has not yet broken through to the mainstream. If people have seen MAIL ORDER WIFE, then that dark, sick comedy sensibility replaced with a true sense of terror and you’ll have COTTON. It’s very difficult to describe or sum up in a few words, but I have not come across a script this terrifying in years, and neither has Eric Newman. We’re really, really, really excited about this film and can’t wait to get shooting.

Read the announcement below:

The Paris-based sales company has nabbed international rights to “Red Riding,” a three-part thriller penned by Tony Grisoni (“Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,”) and co-produced by Channel 4 and Andrew Eaton and Michael Winterbottom’s Revolution Entertainment.

Adapted from David Peace’s novel, the trilogy is based on the six-year police investigation of Peter William Suttcliffe, aka “the Yorkshire Ripper,” who killed 12 women in Northern England in the 1970s.

The three pics will be released separately and will be directed by three different helmers: Julian Jarrold, James Marsh and Anand Tucker.

In post-production, the first pic stars Andrew Garfield, Rebecca Hall and Sean Bean.

StudioCanal also picked up “Cotton,” a horror film in the vein of “Cloverfield” and “Blair Witch Project” that was directed by Huck Botko and Andrew Gurland and produced by Eli Roth for Strike Entertainment.

Story concerns an evangelical minister who turns against religion and decides to participate in a documentary in which he practices his last exorcism.



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