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Writing Duo Overhyping ‘The Cabin in the Woods’?



While Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard have already dubbed their high-concept horror film The Cabin in the Woods as “the horror movie to end all horror movies,” they’ve got plenty of more hype where that came from. While they’re already playing games with us (by spreading BS information), Whedon is continuing the wildfire of anticipation.Ultimately it’s my and Drew’s take on the classic horror movie,” Whedon tells If Magazine. “Which means it’s a classic horror movie, but also means we have something specific to say about it and a different way of saying it than we’ve seen before. I think afterwards people will love it so much there will be no more need for movies. They will want to watch this movie over and over again.

Personally, I think they need to simmer down a bit because ultimately they’re going to over hype the film.

Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford have officially been cast, while rumors hit B-D and the Ny Times that Jena Malone was already cast (Whedon knocked down the story).

Much like Cloverfield, which Goddard scripted, the Cabin story line provides a new twist on a classic scenario — in this case the young-people-stranded-in-the-woods horror trope.


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