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‘Jack Brooks’ Sequel Being Scripted, Will Be Bigger and Better

One of the best films to arrive on DVD last year was Brookstreet Pictures’ Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer, a film loaded with blood, guts and laughs. Today the producers posted an update that confirm that Jon Knautz, Brendan Moore and Trevor Matthews are all re-teaming for Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer 2. In addition, they reveal another project in the works. You can read about in beyond the break.From the Brookstreet Pictures blog:

Hello Myspace Friends and Fiends,

We are busy despite the silence, and now it’s time to holla at the world, and tell you what’s new in our rotation. First up, Jon Knautz and Brendan Moore along with Trevor Matthews created the outline for Jack Brooks 2. The script is well under way, and coming along nicely. Now, it is quite good if we do say so ourselves. It should be a hit in the eyes of anyone who belongs to any of the following camps when it came to JB:MS:

a) I loved it. It was magical.
b) I really liked it, but a little too slow to build
c) Dammit, I wanted to like it. Really I did. But I needed the goods (ie. You know… monster slaying) A LOT sooner.

So if you belong to column A,B, or C I think we’ve got what you’re looking for in spades.

We also have a film deep in the script stages and we WILL be shooting this new film in the summer of ’09. It’s a straight horror film this time around. It revolves around a group of journalists who go to investigate a small village in Europe where human sacrifice is reputed to still go on. It’s dark and brutal like a Dethklok song.



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