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Update: Loads of Possible ‘Dead of Night’ Casting

New casting beyond the break. According to the IMDB (a very untrustworthy source), Kyle Russell Clements, James Hébert, Marco St. John, Dan Braverman, Kimberly Whalen and Courtney J. Clark will all be joining the previously announced Brandon Routh and Sam Huntington in the Kevin Munroe directed Dead of Night, the live-action adaptation of ‘Dylan Dog” that’s currently filming in New Orleans, Louisiana. Watch for official confirmation as it comes in.Added March 26 at 9pm:Taye Diggs and Anita Briem have been confirmed for Hyde Park-Platinum Studios horror film, “Dead of Night,” currently filming in New Orleans. Stunt coordinator Eric Norris (“Righteous Kill”) has also come on board to handle the stunt choreography. The news was first announced on Shocktillyoudrop.

The actors join Brandon Routh (“Superman Returns”) and Sam Huntington (“Fanboys”) in the supernatural thriller being directed by Kevin Munroe (“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”). Joshua Oppenheimer and Thomas Dean Donnelly (“Sahara”) penned the “Men in Black”-style vampire-werewolf-zombie film, which they adapted from the bestselling 1986 Italian comic series, “Dylan Dog.”

Diggs will play Vargas, the head of a vampire family, and Briem is Elizabeth, one of Dylan Dog’s (Routh’s) potential romantic conquests.

Platinum’s Scott Mitchell Rosenberg and Hyde Park’s Ashok Amritraj are producing the $20-million indie along with Gilbert Adler (“Valkyrie”); co-financer Omnilab Media Group (“The Messenger”) is presenting the film.

Diggs, repped by ICM and A Management Company, stars on ABC’s “Private Practice.” He has appeared in the films “Rent,” “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” and “Chicago.”

Briem, repped by UTA and Untitled, appears on the Showtime drama “The Tudors” and co-starred in the film, “Journey to the Center to the Earth.”

Norris has performed stunts in movies such as “Angels & Demons,” “Rush Hour 3” and “”War of the Worlds,” and he was stunt coordinator on “Tekken,” “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt” and “I Love You Philip Morris.”



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