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One Helluva Annoying Fly in Second ‘Drag Me to Hell’ Clip, Third!

Updated: Third clip also added. May 29th is coming upon us faster than we can keep up, and the anticipation for Sam Raimi’s big return to horror with Drag Me to Hell is through the roof. Universal has already begun screening the film to thousands of people (for free) and TV spots are airing non-stop… I think it’s safe to say they’re confident in their product. The question is, will the general public show up, or just horror fans? Hopefully word of mouth continues to propel this Evil Dead-esque masterpiece into something of legend. Universal has started unloading clips this week, but I want to stand firm in my belief that you should go into the movie having seen NOTHING. But it’s your call, read on for the second clip featuring an annoying little fly.Drag Me to Hell – Exclusive Clip



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