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‘A Perfect Getaway’ Director’s Cut in the Works

In a new blog over at director David Twohy’s official website, he reveals that he’s already hard at work on a Director’s Cut of A Perfect Getaway, which arrives in theaters August 14 from Rogue Pictures. “Also busy doing a “Director’s Cut” of APG for DVD market. I put that in quotes because, since I’m pretty happy with the theatrical cut, this particular version of the movie is really kind of an “Extended Cut” thing: I’ll probably drop 10 minutes of footage back into the movie. The theatrical version is rated “R,” and the Director’s Cut will be unrated, as these things usually are.” In the film Steve Zahn will play a newlywed whose Hawaiian honeymoon becomes a nightmare when he and his bride (Milla Jovovich) are stalked by two killers (Timothy Olyphant).



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