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Reeves Sheds Some Light On His ‘Let The Right One In’ Remake

Earlier today, the LA Times posted their interview with Matt Reeves, director of the upcoming Let The Right One In remake, Let Me In. In it, he shed some light on the new setting and updates everyone on when the film will be hitting theatres.Reeves recently finished his second draft of the script, which is now set in Reagan-era Colorado, and is currently scouting locations that will maintain the film and book’s snowy landscapes. Although he didn’t mention when shooting is planned to start (from the sounds of it, it’ll probably be this winter if he plans to take advantage of the necessary weather conditions on his location shoots), he stated that the release date is now Fall 2010, as opposed to January 15.

Also, Reeves is working with casting director Avy Kaufman to find the two leads for the film and “vows [the children] will not be aged-up to make the film more of a smoldering ‘Twilight‘-style romance,” so everyone can rest easy tonight.



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