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UPDATE: ‘Paranormal’ Producers Pitch ‘Jealous One’

UPDATE: We have confirmed that a sequel is NOT being filmed at this time and that the article was erroneous. On the other hand, Peli is in pre-production on ‘Area 51’. In an incredibly cryptic article over at the Hollywood Reporter, they write that Paranormal Activity director Oren Peli is currently in Utah filming a sequel to the low budget indie ghost flick that begins an official limited theatrical run this Friday, courtesy of Paramount Pictures. One million “demands” and it goes wide (click here to help). In addition, the article reports that Sidney Kimmel Entertainment is close to acquiring a spec from Activity producers Steven Schneider and Jason Blum, as well as scribe Carey Malloy, titled The Jealous One. The project is a Hitchcockian thriller, based on Celia Fremlin’s 1965 book, that centers on a wife who dreams she murdered a woman who might be tempting her husband, only to find the woman has in fact disappeared. Ian Levy of Midnight Kitchen Productions also will produce.



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