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First Look at Deborah Ann Woll in ‘Mother’s Day’, Bousman Talks Blood



The official website just launched today for Darren Lynn Bousman’s Mother’s Day, a sure change of direction for the man behind Saw II-IV and Repo! The Genetic Opera. In addition, beyond the break you’ll find an exclusive look at Deborah Ann Woll (“True Blood”) as Lydia in the flick now filming in Winnipeg, Canada, along with word from Bousman about the blood levels of the pic and how this is NOT a remake.While Bousman has been the director on three SAW films, he promises that this is not the same kind of blood and violence.

It’s definitely violent, but not like the other films I have done,” he tells Bloody Disgusting in a brief exclusive interview. “MOTHER’S DAY is all about the characters and not the violence. While the blood does flow, it’s a much different film than I have ever done before. The violence and gore are part of the story, and not [there] just to gross people out. It’s as much of a thriller/suspense as it is a horror film.

A lot of our readers have been asking if this is a direct remake of the classic 1980 Troma film, the answer is no, this is a whole new story… with a mother.

I love the 1980’s Charles Kaufman movie, but this film is not that. We had Lloyd and Charles on set, and we all agreed, you could not do a carbon copy remake of his classic. It just wouldn’t work,” Bousman explains. “That film has been borrowed from, stole from, and re-done countless times before. Our version holds true to the theme of what he started, and takes it to the next level.

Basically, we took Charles story, and put it in today’s world, in today’s economic climate, and asked what would this dysfunctional family be like right now in this environment?” he continues. “We have kept the idea of this strong villainous iconic Mother (played by Rebecca De Mornay), and her grasp over her children. Her power to control them, and nurture their evil ways. The killing, the murder, the carnage all to make ‘mother very proud’ is still very much apart of MOTHER’S DAY. Fans will find we add homage, a TON actually- but this is its own beast, its own film.

Written by Scott Milam, three brothers on the run from the law head for home, only to discover that their mother lost the house in a foreclosure. Mother ingeniously orchestrates her sons’ escape, teaching the house’s new owners and their guests a few lessons along the way.

Deborah Ann Woll in Mothers Day


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